Thinking INSIDE the box


Show Crates

  • Designed for trade shows and exhibitions: reusable and durable, with an emphasis on space efficiency and product safety
  • Can be built with high-quality materials for display use, or built with economical materials and dismantled for easy storage
  • Custom design, with optional hardware and security features

Kanban Crates

  • Designed for larger volumes of parts that need extra care and attention
  • Custom designed for packaging and production requirements, restrictions and volumes
  • Optional features include carpeting, anti-static foam, folding sides, removable compartments, locking mechanisms, wheels.
  • Can be used in all areas of production to ease transportation and reduce damage.
  • Designed for repeat used – some of our designs have lasted 5-7 years!

Standard Crates

  • Custom designed for every client and every product
  • We protect anything from a chess board to an airplane

Clip Crates

  • Designed for easy storage and transportation to your door
  • Benefits include replaceable parts, reduced weight of packaging and incredible stacked strength
  • Built without dimensional lumber, allowing you to forgo any IPPC concerns or delays
  • Accurate to within 5/1000 of an inch

Storage Crates

  • Designed to contain heavy goods and withstand rough handling, while providing a long service-life
  • Typcially used for conveniently and efficiently storing spare parts, extra machinery, memorabilia, junk.
  • Custom-built to any size.
  • Stackable, lockable, moveable, repairable, customizable.

Custom Pallets

  • Custom designed for every client and every product
  • We protect anything from a chess board to an airplane

About Us

Nuline Crates Incorporated operates out of Abbotsford, BC, and provides service throughout the Lower Mainland. Our goal is to provide the absolute best in quality, service, and price.

Require custom work?

Each project is different, therefore, our crates are customized to meet the specifications of your product, and we guarantee to build you a user friendly, quality container.

Providing the BEST in quality, service and price